Nice imports has shown exponential trajectory in the waste paper management arena by being a specialist in recovered fiber, the vital raw material for the paper and pulp industry. With over a decade of expertise, we recognize that almost all grades of paper are recyclable and reusable, and the market for secondary fiber is ever-growing. We believe in the buzz word of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” and our objective is to contribute towards the ecological economy and strive to minimize the environmental impacts by sourcing the most suitable grades of waste paper through established suppliers from USA, UK, Holland, Germany, and the Middle East to meet the needs of individual paper mills based on their final product and material handling capabilities.

We are committed to collaborate and partner with selected suppliers and connect them to our valuable and ever-growing customer base, with reasonable profitability and reliability, thereby nurturing long-lasting mutually benefitting relations with our suppliers and customers by creating value for every element of the supply-chain. The sustainability mantra of Nature, Nurture, and Nourish leads us to an unrelenting pursuit of sustainable development and implementing best environmental practices coupled with the befitting use of eco-friendly technology.